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  1. Water Plus Dirt = TROUBLE
  2. Keep Rust Away
  3. Sunblock for your Vehicle
  4. Help the Environment
  5. Emissions Eat Paint
  6. Cut Out the Salt
  7. Prevent Permanent Stains
  8. Clean Wheels Last Longer
  9. Protect Your Investment
  10. You Snooze, You Lose

Think About It: Why not?

FEEL GOOD. 95 percent of survey respondents said that driving a clean car cheered them up and they get a “definite emotional lift” after having their car washed at a professional car wash. Nearly all agreed that driving a dirty car was depressing.

SAVE TIME. A professional car wash is fast and thorough – freeing you to do the things you enjoy!

PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP. Your vehicle looks better clean than dirty. If you don't care for it, who will?

--Source: “Why a Professional Car Wash?”